Digiseller Service Usage Agreement


1.1. The Organizers of the Digiseller Internet Service (hereinafter referred to as "DS")

    1.1.1. DS is a set of programs that are hosted on the Internet, which are designed to provide Internet users with a convenient and automated interface for creating their own online retail resources. These resources provide the ability to make instant payments via the WebMoney system when buying/selling various digital goods. Digital goods include all products that exist in digital form, or which can be represented in digital form (files, graphical information, textual information, etc.).

    1.1.2. By using DS services, you assume all risks arising from relationships with your partners, government agencies, and third parties. The DS administration shall not be liable for any use of the service for purposes and goals that violate the laws of your country or conventional business practices. We shall not be liable for any unlawful actions by DS subscribers and their clients that are committed using DS technologies.

    1.1.3. We reserve the unconditional right to suspend the provision of DS services unilaterally if the client violates this Agreement or if the further provision of the service creates an obvious threat of damage to DS or third parties.

    1.1.4. We have the right, at our discretion, to discontinue your use of the DS services if we obtain evidence that you have used DS for illegal activities involving DS, the system’s clients or third parties.

    1.1.5. If you use DS to commit illegal activities, the DS administration reserves the right to transfer the information in its possession about the circumstances of your use of the service to courts or law enforcement agencies upon request.

    1.1.6. We have the right at any time to request the most detailed description of the product displayed in DS, including text information, screenshots, access to related sites, etc., as well as suspend the client's account in case of refusal to provide such a description.

    1.1.7. The organizers of the DS service reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time by posting a new version of it in its entirety on the DS web server. The new agreement shall come into force within 7 days of the date of its publication on the news page of the DS website.

1.2. DS service clients

    1.2.1. A DS service client may be a person who passed identification in WebMoney system and has registration on DS web-server after assuming the obligation to unconditionally comply with the terms of this Agreement in the form of an open offer and received the necessary identification data to obtain DS services.

    1.2.2. If you submit a registration application to become a DS client, then you thereby confirm that you have the legal right to carry out the type of activity that you intend to conduct using DS services. The DS organizers do not impose any restrictions on the type of business that you may conduct. However, they assume that your use of the service will not contradict the terms of this Agreement, the provisions of applicable law or common sense.

    1.2.3. It is forbidden to sell digital goods from the List of Products Prohibited for Sale on the Digiseller Service. Violation of the ban will result in the blocking of funds from the sale of curds for an indefinite period of time.

    1.2.4. It is forbidden to offer for sale abstract, unspecific digital goods, goods without a complete description, goods for one-time sale or goods for a specific customer.

    1.2.5. When connecting external payment integrators from the supported list as a payment method, or setting up payments via "API" gateway, DS client undertakes to ensure compliance between the displayed ruble value of the goods/service on the payment page of digiseller.market/oplata.info and the displayed ruble value of the corresponding payment method on the payment data entry page of external integrator. The price difference is not more than 1 RUB; in case the difference is exceeded the organizers of DS reserve the right to suspend the provision of services.

    1.2.6. All DS clients are obliged to faithfully fulfill their obligations to both the DS organizers as well as to their own clients.

    1.2.7. By accepting this Agreement, the DS client provides his consent to the processing of personal data by the DS organizers in accordance with the GDPR law, and he also consents to the possibility that this data may be published on his personal page and that third parties may be able to access this data, since the data that is posted the User's personal page is publicly available.


    2.1. The use of DS is partially free. A commission fee, which is calculated in WebMoney digital currency units (WM), is charged each time a purchase and sale transaction is completed on your Internet resource using the DS technology. Currently, the amount of the commission fee varies between 1.5% to 6% (depending on the subject area of the content that is sold). However, the amount of the fee shall not be less than 0.02 WM. DS spends the generated commission fee revenue on advertising the service in order to expand the range of services that it provides and technical support for the project.

    2.2. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to impose and change fees for certain DS services, which DS sellers will be informed in advance of on the news page of the website.

    2.3. We reserve the right to impose an additional commission fee when providing services in certain categories.

    2.4. We reserve the right to require that the person who submits an application to use the DS service provide detailed information about how they intend to use the service. Failure to provide such information at all or to provide sufficient information shall constitute a reason for automatic rejection of the application to use of the services.


    3.1. We provide DS services that you may use on an "as is" basis and without any warranties.

    3.2. We do not guarantee permanent or unconditional access to the DS services. The operation of DS may be disrupted by the actions of insuperable forces and other factors that the DS organizers are unable to prevent or overcome.

    3.3. We do not provide any guarantees regarding the legitimacy of the activities of persons who provide business activities using DS technology, nor do we warrant the suitability of items sold or purchased using DS for a specific purpose, nor do we warrant that third party rights have not been infringed.

    3.4. We do not make any warranties regarding DS clients or any of their actions.


    4.1. Any disputes that arise between you and the DS organizers shall be resolved through arbitration.

    4.2. We shall not indemnify any losses that you may incur in the event of intentional or careless violation of any requirement of this Agreement and related regulations.

    4.3. The maximum material liability of the DS organizers shall not exceed the monetary equivalent of your DS service fee.

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